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In Venezuela Elite we want to offer you a spiritual experience and a deep understanding of the purity, balance and harmony that is found in nature. Through our different yoga programs in fabulous nature environments energetically unbeatable.

The idea of uniting mind, body and spirit through the practice of yoga guided by a professional yogi is a vital factor, but to discover and explore inedited and unique places in which practicing yoga will help you find a connection with nature, is our differentiating seal that will make this a mystical experience.

Due to the reduced number of people that form the groups, our yogis have the capability, time and commitment to make the practice completely personalized, which translates into a great opportunity to improve your postures, concentration and breathing.

The yoga programs designed by Venezuela Elite are absolutely integral. Along the different natural sceneries, you will submerge into guided meditations, lectures related with the practice of yoga and other techniques to reach your internal serenity.

While you relax and calm your mind, we will take care of: