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The unbelievable landscape of this region inspired Conan Doyle’s famous novel “The Lost World”. A high plateau of vast dimensions located in the Guayana region to the southeast of the Orinoco river. It’s a region of multiple natural resources and spectacular landscapes dominated by the strange and mythical tepuis: huge sandstone formations patiently carved by the erosion through time that rise over 2,800 m. high. The majority of the territory within Canaima National Park, is covered with thick galleria forests together with spacious savannas. The area offers a variety of rocky to sandy or hard packed terrain. Ranging from single and double tracks to dirt roads. The inhabitants belong to the ethnos Pemon: the Taurepanes and the Arekunas, besides other races and nationalities such as: Guyanese, Brazilians and Venezuelans which arrived after the road was built.
Day 1: Upon arrival to Caracas International airport, the group will be greeted by one of your guides and transferred to a nearby hotel for the night. (D)

Day 2: Transfer to the airport to take a domestic flight to Puerto Ordaz, where a private plane will take the group deep south to Santa Elena, right at the Brazilian border. There you will meet with the rest of your support team and after checking at the eco-lodge, they will take you to some of the nearby sightings to take a first glimpse of the area. (B,L,D)

Day 3: We’ll leave the lodge right after breakfast. Our first ride will take us to an area right at the edge of the National Park. We will ride through the open savannahs and rolling hills, occasionally crossing a patch of forest till we reach a beautiful waterfall, where we’ll stop for lunch and a refreshing bath. On the return way, we will take a single track section that includes a technical descent, before meeting with our support vehicle. (B,L,D)

Day 4: This will be a demanding journey right from the beginning. We will have a steep climb to the top of the mountain dominating Santa Elena. The views from there include the Brazilian border. From there on, the dirt track becomes a double and then a single track with some technical sections that will test your riding abilities. The last part of the ride will take us through open savannahs before meeting with our support vehicle to take us into Brazilian border town of “La Línea” where we will have the chance to enjoy a well deserved lunch at a typical Brazilian “Churrascaria”. (B,L,D)

Day 5: On this day we will leave Santa Elena area. The trailhead is about 90 minutes north. It’s a double track, that will take us to two different and impressive water falls (Kauchik and Uripá). After having lunch and enjoying a nice bath, we will head back to the main road where we’ll board the support vehicle to take us to Chivatón lodge at the north of the Gran Sabana region. (B,L,D)

Day 6: This day’s ride will take us on a really scenic route involving some hill climbing on the open savannah, to Torón and Toroncito waterfalls. We’ll head back to the lodge in the afternoon. (B,L,D)

Day 7: Today’s ride will take us over a dirt road with sandy patches alternating with muddy sections, to the indigenous village of Iboribó. There we’ll board a “curiara” (dugout canoe) to travel down Aponwao river to the most iconic of all the Gran Sabana waterfalls, named “Chinak Merú”, where the Aponwao river falls over 100 meters to create this wonderful sight. Night at Chivatón (B,L,D)

Day 8: This last day of riding will be a memorable one, and not only for the astonishing views. We will ride through rugged country following and indigenous path (single track) that will take us across forest patches, streams and open grasslands, till we get to Karuay falls. From there, we will travel on a double track to the village of Kavanayen, and back to Chivatón to finish this epic day of riding. (B,L,D)

Day 9: We will travel by road to Puerto Ordaz, where we will take an afternoon plane back to Caracas. Transfer to our hotel for the night. (B,L,D)

Day 10: Morning at leisure at the hotel while packing and getting ready for the flight back home. (B)

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