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Sarisariñama - Alto Caura

This is the land of the majestic plateau of the Sarisariñama, represented by its huge abyss of more than 300 meters deep and diameter. It is the home of the Yekuana (people of the curiara), Yanomami (the people) and Sanema (Yanomami of the North), empowered ethnos of the area. This is the place where the Río Caura is born. You will be staying at camps to be set each evening along the Rio Caura, during the entire trip downstream. The Rio Caura is the axis where the life of all the indigenous people that live at its shores develops.
Life, is the perfect translation for the adventure inside the thick dense Amazon jungle. This jungle is full of animals of a high endemism, unbeatable landscape and encounters with a civilizations that got caught in time. Kilometers of expectation and magic identify this trip, as well as the discovery of an entire new universe within planet Earth.
Day 1: One of our guides will meet you at the airport in Cuidad Bolívar or in the Posada (Inn). You will have some free time to take a walk around the historic area of Ciudad Bolívar. Here you will spend the night.

Day 2: After breakfast we will take our next flight from the airport in Ciudad Bolívar. In this airport we will board our plane with destination to Kanarakuni. We will fly over the tepuis called “Hogar de los Dioses” (“Home of the Gods”) by the indigenous that live in that region. When we land, we will be received by the curiosity of the small children from the Kanarakuri community. We will get to know the village and meet the people. We will stay overnight, sleeping in hammocks in the “Churuatas” (huts) which roofs are made from palm trees.

Day 3: After an early breakfast and accompanied by our guides and carriers of the community, we will start the ascent to the Sariñama. This journey is through the thick jungle; our guides will be opening the road with their machetes until we reach our destination. We will set up a campsite in an adequate place. We will sleep in hammocks with nets.
Estimated trekking time: 5 hours

Day 4: Today we will make way up to the top of the Tepuy. As we get to the top the floor becomes more and more slippery. At this point the vegetation changes and we enter in a typical humid jungle forest of this area, part of the “Macizo Guayanés”. Finally we will reach the top of the tepuy and we will be facing an unbelievable magic world. This world has never been intervened by civilization. We will sleep at the top so we can appreciate its splendor to the maximum.
Estimated trekking time: 5 hours

Day 5: After breakfast we will have time to appreciate the top and the landscape that surrounds us. Then we will begin a long descent to Kanarakuni. In Kanarakuni we will spend the night in hammocks inside the Churuatas.
Estimated trekking time: 5 hours

Day 6 to 11: Today we begin the journey through the Caura River, heading north, which offers the most impressive landscape and experiences. This journey will be made in a curiara (indigenous canoe made of one sole tree) with an outboard motor. Here the civilization has not yet influenced the nature. In our route downstream we will see fascinating waterfalls, tepuis, tropical plants and indigenous people. We will have to go through rapids, but let’s not forget that our drivers are experts in this zone. During the trip we will get to see different tribes al as well as other diverse communities of Sanema, Yekuana and Yanomami. During the expedition we will stay to sleep in adequate campsites that will be set up in the river banks in hammocks with nets.
Estimated navigation time: 6 hours

Day 12: If the water levels of the river are favorable, today we should reach the Salto Para. Here the water masses of the Caura river fall into the deepness. From the top of the Salto (Waterfall) we will have to take our equipment and go down walking until we reach the bottom of the fall, where we will set up the campsite and spend the night.
Estimated navigation time: 5 hours.

Day 13: A small trail through the jungle will take us to El Playón, an ample beach strip of sand at the edge of the river. This day we can relax, explore the surroundings, fish and get to know different people from the nearest village. We will spend the night at the campsite El Playón in hammocks.
Estimated trekking time: 2 hours

Day 14: Today we will continue the journey downstream until we reach Las Trincheras, this will be our last trip in a curiara. Likewise we will have the chance to get to know indigenous villages. We will spend the night at the Caura Lodge, where comfortable rooms, an exquisite dinner and a soothing rest will be waiting for us.
Estimated navigation time: 6 hours

Day 15: Today we say good bye to this wonderful journey, after having breakfast, we will calmly get ready to take our 4x4 vehicle to travel from Las Trincheras to Ciudad Bolívar or continue to another circuit.

Trip Grading: Advanced

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