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Boconó: A Conection with Mother Earth

It is a dream for many yoga practitioners, to be able to wake up one day and conduct a practice in a secluded exclusive paradise where only a few have set their eyes on.
It is a dream for any yoga practitioner, to be in a remote place, lost amidst the mountains, solemn for its inmensity, inspiring as it is mystic, and dedicate the day to yoga, meditation, breathing and contemplation.
It is a dream for many yoga practitioners, to venture themselves deep into the mountains to find a small valley with crystalline creeks snaking on grass fields covered with little wild flowers, surrounded by magical forests and mountains covered with the yellow flowers of the “frailejón”. Being able to connect ourselves to this enchanted place and enjoy it through the yoga practice, inspired by the emanations of Mother Earth.
The experience of connecting ourselves with nature can be revealing. Mother Earth inspires and cradles us with its beauty, overwhelming our senses and ego, opening a gate to a more authentic connection between our conscience and nature, becoming one.
There is no doubt that the mountains of Boconó are the perfect place to achieve these dreams, that others have already had the joy of achieving.

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