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Yoga - Escagüey: An Internal Journey

Yoga is an internal journey, a journey in which we travel to our very essence, through the fascinating landscape of our own body, mind, emotions and spirit. In order to be consistent with such a beautiful journey through our inner world, we propose to travel towards the mountains of the Andes, where we can perform yoga practices, meditation and pranayama in natural exceptional places that exude very powerful energies and provide a deep connection with mother Earth and life itself. The consistency between the inner journey in the yoga practice and an energizing natural environment, allows to develop a mystical and unforgettable experience.
The plan is absolutely integrated and along these 6 days we will have yoga related lectures, workshops for the improvement of our postures, hikes in very special natural places besides 4 days of the previously mentioned activities in unknown and incredibly beautiful natural settings.

Trip Grading: Intermediate

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