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The Cerro Autana is a sacred tepuy for the ethnos Piaroa. In the Piaroa mythology it represents the tree of life that gives origin to all fruits which feed all men and animals. Protected under the figure of a Natural Monument, it is surrounded by a thick tropical forest. Said forest can only be penetrated if you follow the course of the significant rivers that delineate it, within the forest reserve Sipapo (which is Piaroa territory). The experience of travelling through the jungle in a “bongo” (a big canoe made from the trunk of one sole tree), sleeping in the indigenous communities and discovering places of great beauty is an unforgettable experience, topped only by the impressive view of the mystical tepuy from the natural viewpoints that rise dominating the impenetrable jungle that you find at its feet.
Day 1: Reception and transportation to the Lodge where we will have lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the indigenous market and the ethnologic museum of the city of Puerto Ayacucho.

Day 2: Transportation to the Port of Samariapo, where we will start the trip navigating in a “bongo” (indigenous dugout canoe with an outboard motor) through the Orinoco river until we join and continue up the Sipapo and the Cuao rivers. We will sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets in indigenous “churuatas” (huts) in Raudal del Danto (Tapir Torrent).
Estimated navigation time: 5 hours

Day 3: Today after breakfast we will navigate to the start from a trail in the jungle to get to Caño de Piedra. There will be time to swim and relax before returning to Raudal del Danto. Once again, we will sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets.
Total estimated hiking time: 3 hours

Day 4: We will navigate down the Cuao River to the Sipapo, and then up to the Autana River which we will follow up to reach the indigenous village named Ceguera, which stands at the banks of a big lagoon facing the impressive Cerro del Mono and close to cerro Autana. We will sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets in indigenous “churuatas”.
Estimated navigation time: 6 hours

Day 5: Today is the trekking that will take us up to the top of the hill or Cerro Uripika where we will be able to appreciate all the immensity of the Amazon jungle with the cerro Autana on the back. Return to Camp at the end of the day. We will sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets in indigenous “churuatas”.
Total estimated hiking time: 5 hours

Day 6: Return to the Port of Samariapo, navigating the Autana, Sipapo and Orinoco rivers. We will sleep at the Lodge in Puerto Ayacucho.
Estimated navigation time: 6 hours

Day 7: After breakfast at the Lodge, we will be taken to Puerto Ayacuho airport to take our flight back or continue to another circuit .

Trip Grading: Easy

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