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GRAN SABANA - Canaima National Park

A high plateau of vast dimensions located in the Guayana region to the southeast of the Orinoco river. It’s a region of multiple varieties regarding natural resources and spectacular landscapes that combined with strange and mythical tepuis: You will appreciate huge formations of sandstones patiently carved by the erosion through time that rise over 2,800m. high. At the top you can find numerous endemic species of plants and animals which have developed a capability to adapt to the wild environment where they live. The majority of the territory within Canaima National Park, is covered with thick galleria forests together with spacious savannas that generate the sensation of ampleness and calmness. The habitants belong to the ethnos Pemon: the Taurepanes and the Arekunas, besides other races and nationalities such as: Guyanese, Brazilians and Venezuelans which arrived after the road was built.
Day 1: Reception at the airport in Puerto Ordaz (first flight of the day) and then start the excursion in 4x4 vehicles from Puerto Ordaz to Chivatón. Lunch on the shores of the Cuyuni River. The road climbs across the Lema Sierra (visit to the abyss of Lema, weather permitting), to discover the infinite savannas. Dinner and lodging in eco-touristic camp in Chivatón for two nights.

Day 2: After breakfast in Chivatón, we will go to the indigenous community of Kavanayén, where we will visit the Capuchin mission and the surroundings of the Kamarabán Valley to learn about the traditions and ways of the Pemon people. Return to Chivatón.

Day 3: After breakfast we are going to travel to the community of Iboribó, from there we will visit the Chinak Merú falls navigating down Aponwao river in a curiara (indigenous dugout canoe) with an outboard motor. Lunch around the water falls area. Next, visit Kamá-Merú Falls, 55 meters high curtain like water fall. Trip to Santa Elena de Uairén, Dinner and lodging in eco-touristic lodge in Santa Elena de Uairen for the next 4 nights.

Day 4: Breakfast. Visit Yuruaní river, Roraima view point where well have our lunch and the excellent Pacheco creek (Arapán-Merú). Return to Santa Elena de Uairén.

Day 5: After our breakfast, is the beginning of our river adventure: Yuruaní river Rafting/ boby rafting. We will walk behind a water curtain at Arapena falls, then we will do Body Rafting and finally we will do a Rafting tour of 1 km. in 4th grade rapids. Return to the eco-touristic lodge in Santa Elena Uairén.

Day 6: Breakfast. Visit the Velo de la Novia falls (Rué-Merú) and the famous Quebrada de Jaspe (Kakó-parú), one of the Gran Sabana landmarks. Return to the eco-touristic lodge in Santa Elena Uairén.

Day 07: Today is our return to Puerto Ordaz. A long journey with a beautiful general view from the Gran Sabana.

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