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The Caura River is considered one of the few places that are still virgin in the planet. The Caura River is tributary to the Orinoco River and it’s the third most important river in Venezuela. Most of its basin is a preserved jungle with various national parks and natural monuments. This includes the abyss of the Sarisariñama, which is a rock formation from the Precambrian period. You will also find tepuis and mountains covered by a thick tropical jungle inhabited by a great variety of vegetation and animals. The recent discovery of new species carried out by a scientific expedition gives you an idea of how intact this jungle is. Its only inhabitants are the Yekuana and Sanema ethnos. These ethnos who are grouped in small communities along the river are still faithful to their traditions and ancestral lifestyle. The great course of water of the river turns into an impressive group of falls in the shape of amphitheater and it is called in the indigenous language “Kuyui Sori”(Pará falls). You can only access this place after navigating the river about 130 km. departing from Las Trincheras, which is the end of the road.
Day 1: Departure at 8: 30 a.m. from Ciudad Bolívar in 4x4 vehicles, heading towards Caicara del Orinoco (West bound) alongside the Orinoco River. Then we divert the main road and take a dirt road that penetrates the dense rainforest of Río Caura. It will take us to the village of Las Trincheras at the shores of the Caura River, where our camp is located. After lunch well take our first navigation in a curiara (an indigenous boat) with an outboard motor. Our destination will be Peña Negra, a huge granite rock in the middle of the Caura River. From there is a beautiful view over the river and the dense green rainforest. That is the point to enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the River. Afterwards we will return to our Caura camp. Dinner and lodging in a room with private bathroom.
Estimated travel time: 4 hours

Day 2: After breakfast will load the boat with our luggage, food and gasoline, and begin navigating up the river. From time to time we will see Ye´kwana/Makiritares indigenous in their curiaras, fishing in the River. We will have a walking excursion to Cerro Cangrejo (crab hill). Lunch will be planned according to the time spent in the river. We will sleep in the indigenous community in Nichare in hammocks with mosquito nets in the “Churuatas” (huts which roofs are made from palm tree leaves).
Estimated navigation time: 3 hours

Day 3: Breakfast in Nichare. On this day our goal is to reach El Playón, a beautiful beach with the dense jungle in the back, at the foot of some rapids where we are going to sleep for two nights in churuatas in hammocks with mosquito nets.
Estimated navigation time: 3 to 4 hours

Day 4: Early in the morning, when the landscape is still wrapped by a dense fog, will have breakfast, then with the first ray of light, will start the walk on a path that snakes through thick jungle. After two hours on trail we will start to listen to the noise from the magnificent Pará Falls plunging 70 meters into a big lagoon where we can take a nice bath. Return to our camp of El Playón in the afternoon.

Day 5: After breakfast we will load our boat and begin journey downstream to Caura camp in Las Trincheras. We will arrive at noon. In the afternoon after a well deserved rest, we can take the last baht in the river. Dinner and lodging in a room with private bathroom.
Estimated navigation time: 5 hours

Day 6: Today we say good bye to this wonderful journey. After having breakfast, we will calmly get ready to take our 4x4 vehicle to travel from Las Trincheras to Ciudad Bolívar.

Trip Grading: Easy

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