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To watch wild animals in their natural habitat from extraordinary close distances is the result of riding in the distinguished natural refuge Hato Piñero. The Farm (hato) has been preserved under conservationist grounds for more than 45 years, it’s characterized for offering diverse habitats from the plains, such as the dry and flooded savannah. In this extraordinary place, the wild fauna allows the proximity of the spectators. The main activity developed in Hato Piñero is stockbreeding and cattle raising, always within the premise of preserving and respecting the natural environment. It is also possible to watch and experience the labor “faena” of the “llaneros” (cowboys) who are famous for their kindness, simplicity, and for being hard workers. Their music “joropo” is maybe one of the most autochthonous music of Venezuela.
Day 1: We meet at the entrance gate of Hato Piñero. If the climate is adequate we shall ride our bikes until we arrive to the Tourist Camp where there will be welcoming refreshment waiting for us. Then dinner will be served and there will be a night excursion in a vehicle to appreciate the wild fauna in the dark. We will spend the night at the Tourist Camp.
Estimated riding time: 1.5 hours

Day 2: Breakfast will be served. We initiate the ride towards the northeast, through the flats and over small hills until we reach Los Pocitos. This place has a stream that during the rainy season has enough water to enjoy a refreshing bath. Lunch in Arenales and ride back to the Tourist Camp. Then we have time to rest, dinner will be served and there is another night excursion to watch the wild fauna in the dark. We will spend the night at the Tourist Camp.
Total estimated riding time: 5 hours

Day 3: Breakfast in the Camp. Today our route is Los Patos, northwest to Valle Hondo. At this point the route is along pasture grounds, wetlands and zones full of trees. The trail heads to some small hills up until we reach a place called La Peñita. , Riding towards the southwest, until we reach an area called the Los Patos, which is a zone that has wetlands, and then ride back to the tourist camp for lunch. Then we will have some time to rest. Again in the late afternoon we will take another ride. The return shall be in the support vehicle to the Camp. Dinner will be served and you will spend the night at the Tourist Camp.
Total estimated riding time: 5 hours

Day 4: Early Breakfast in the morning and we shall carry out our last ride of the trip. Lunch will be served at the camp, and head back home or to your next chosen destination.
Estimated riding time: 2.5 hours

Trip Grading: Intermediate

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