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We are specialists in the design and operation of trips of the highest level in the most fantastic places in Venezuela. We are driven by the admiration and respect towards nature together with the passion we feel for each one of the activities in which we focus.

Our goal is to promote the preservation and environmental education through ecotourism. Taking a trip with us will be a legendary experience. In order to achieve that, we have considered each one of the aspects that implies a trip of this kind, taking care of each detail in order to create our own standards:

• Professional Guides / Yogis. Their experience and capabilities contribute to add value in different areas based on their ground expertise and formal knowledge obtained through a university degree as geologist, geographers and physics. All this summed up to their condition of bikers, trekkers, expert climbers and yogis with an extensive background. Our guides have completed first aid courses and are trained as rescuers. Their passion for their work translates into an excellent level of service. We can assure you that our guides are among the best you can find in the country.

• Size of our groups. In order to minimize the impact on the environments we visit and guarantee a personalized service, we limit the size of our groups to a maximum of 10 people. We consider a maximum relation of 3 to 5 clients per guide, depending in the activity to be performed.

Safety.In addition to the inherent risk of the activities that constitute our products, we take care of all details in the procedures and techniques applied in our different itineraries. However, all our guides are certified and have a great deal of experience in first aid and as rescuers. In those programs where it is necessary, we will provide additional safety equipment, such as helmets, ropes, harnesses, etc.

• Responsiveness.Our team is supported by the structure of an organization that has resources such as satellite phones, which allows the instant communication of our guides all through the excursion. There is also a back up staff in the office that generates a fast answer to unforeseeable situations, such as the need for a helicopter or any unforeseeable and compelling change in the itinerary.

Meals. This is a very important aspect in terms of the caloric contribution necessary to fulfill the activities which demand a great deal of physical effort and imply a physical tear and ware. In this sense our menus and road snacks are specifically designed to cover that purpose. In addition the meals are planned and elaborated to satisfy the most demanding palates. We take into consideration the variety of menus and ingredients, which distinguishes us from the habitual meals offered in these types of trips.

Upon request we have alternative menus such as vegetarian, Kosher and menus for allergic persons or with special food regime.

  • Lodging houses or Inns – “Posadas”. We pay very special attention in choosing the places where our clients will stay. We emphasize not only in comfort but also in the quality of the facilities and service they offer. We also try, if possible, that the “posadas” reflects the essence of the place we are visiting. Furthermore, or in fact, we choose small “posadas” that guarantee a personalized service in accordance with the philosophy of Venezuela Elite.

  • Equipment and comfort in the campsites. We are proud of the standard we maintain in our campsites which is reflected in the quality of the equipment we use and in the logistics we apply to make this experience more comfortable for our clients. This translates into elements such as tables, seats, hot water at the door of your tent each morning when you wake up, a dinning tent to protect us from the weather. Our policy is two people per tent maximum. We also offer a whole series of details to help maximize the pleasure of the trips we organize.

  • Adaptability to your requirements.Venezuela Elite has the capability and willingness to adapt the programs and itineraries we propose to your particular requirements or needs regarding term of duration, dates and places. This feature reaches its maximum expression with our Customized Trips.

  • Environmental Responsibility. Among the things we do regarding this aspect and that results easily appreciated by our clients is that we are the precursors and up until now the only operator in Venezuela that actively works in minimizing the trails in the places we go. We have designed and incorporated to our logistics a system where our feces are recovered and transported back with us. This system represents a greater comfort for all of us, since we have specific equipment for this. Besides that, we make special emphasis in environmental education.