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The Jungle represents over half of the planets remaining rainforests and it comprises the largest habitat to the greatest diversity of plants and animals on earth. It is also the home of some indigenous ethnos that preserve, almost intact their traditions and ancestral lifestyle, having adapted to its surroundings. You can only enter this thick vegetable tapestry by navigating along the course of the rivers that feed the main rivers that constitute the basin of the abundant Orinoco River. Hidden along this thick jungle you will find magical places, known only by few fortunate people that imitating the first European explorers, like Alexander von Humboldt, have dared to enter in this marvelous mystery that is the exuberant tropical jungle. The only way to experience a rainforest is stepping into one. No photograph, film, movie, or book that can truly do it justice. The power, majesty, energy, and feeling of a primeval rainforest is unbelievable yet indescribable.