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Lost World of the Tepuis

There is an incredible, unique place in Venezuela called The Lost World of the Tepuis. Its main characteristic is the presence of an abundant thick jungle, savannahs and endless number of rivers together with the tallest waterfall of the world. This waterfall known as “El Salto Angel or “Angel Falls” falls from the top of the Auyantepui. Its impressive landscape transports the spectator directly to the Jurassic period. This landscape together with peculiar formations - imposing plateaus from which walls waterfalls appear and fall from prodigious heights turn this place into an incredible place that can only be found in this part of the World. This site keeps on captivating the few people that have the privilege to see it in the same manner that fascinated the first European explorers that saw it. The Pemon habitants of the zone called them: Tepui, which means mountain in our language. Among its wonders you can also see that its mysterious summits, due to erosion have generated strange and capricious rock shapes.