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Our guides comprise not only their experience but the added value of having obtained an university degree in different areas such as geologist, geographers, physics, among others. In addition, they also are expert ciclers, mountaineers, climbers and rock climbers and yogis with an ample background. All the guides are also trained in first aid courses and as rescuers. Their passion for what they do translates into our excellent service and careful customer assistance. We can guarantee that all our guides are among the best you can find in the country.

Industrial Engineer. His deep passion for nature, together with various years of experience in scientific expeditions with the Sociedad de Ciencias Naturales La Salle took him to discover his vocation. Expert mountain biker and trekker, has more than 7 years experience in adventure tourism in the national territory as well as abroad..

He graduated in physics and is a climber with ample experience in high mountains in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. He has been trained in vertical rescues and in first aid. He is also rock climbing instructor and an expert in handling and managing ropes. He is an excellent mountain biker. He has been part of our tem for more than three years.

He graduated in Physical Education and Sports. Professional Athlete of high competency internationally acknowledged in mountain cycling as well as in adventure races. He is an experienced mountaineer, expert in rock and ice climbing, kayak and canyoning. He is also an active member of the Andean group of Rescuers. He is also an active trainer for the mountain cycling team of Mérida and Carabobo. Daniel Moreno is part of our team for more than 4 years.

He is an avid mountaineer and climber with great experience in the main mountain environments throughout the Venezuelan geography. He is also a rock climber instructor with a great domain of high ropes systems and rescues and climbing in vertical areas. He has a great deal of experience working with youths as well as in leadership, integration and survival workshops. He has been trained in professional rescue courses for vertical drops, whitewaters and in first aid.

A Superior technician T.S.U. in Tourism Administration graduated from the Universidad Simon Bolivar. Her 7 years of professional experience include Customers Assistance and Customers Services in airports and in event planning and as Tour leader in organizing circuits all around Venezuela. She is also a nature guide specialized in the Venezuelan plains. She is responsible for the logistics coordination and the magic behind backstage in the offices of Venezuela elite.

A Geologist graduated from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). Has more than 15 years practicing rock climbing and climbing. His experience as a mountain guide comprehends the Venezuelan Andes and the main tepuis. Additionally he has gone to various mountain expeditions in Bolivia, Ecuador and the Argentinean Patagonia. He is a rock climbing instructor and has done courses in vertical rescues and first aid. He has been a part of the team for five years.

A geographer graduated from the UCV. He has an ample and long experience as rock climber instructor and high-mountain professional guide. He has been a part of multiple expeditions to various and diverse places of South America. His experience includes sport climbing competition, mountaineering and adventure races. He is certified in vertical rescue in cliffs, rescues in whitewaters and sail boating, he has also trained in first aid. He has been part of the team since six years ago.

Pedro Luis Otero A. is an acknowledge yoga teacher, oriented towards the Ashtanga Vinyasa System. He graduated as a Geologist Engineer, but is dedicated to a deep study and to perfectioning the practice of of Yoga. He practices meditation since 13 years ago and specializes in different techniques. Has done many courses in ashtanga vinyasa intensive Yoga, psicobiophysics, Pranayama, Oriental Chiromassage, anusara Yoga, Raja Yoga, Gestalt psychotherapy, etc. He gladly shares his experience, knowledge and practice of yoga with his students with the intention to give them, through the practice of yoga: good health, emotional wellness, good physical conditions and stimulate the bonding of your mind and body so the energy freely flows and mind and body are in harmony, thus you are able to express your elevated consciousness.